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Janisa's Beauty

Janisa's Beauty Sponges

Janisa's Beauty Sponges

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Use our blenders again & again, to apply your foundation, liquid products, cream products and powder products. With this set, you will get all 4 of our different sponges. 

How To Use

Our CHELA Sponge is used for sculpting. It's best for layering products to give you that snatched look.
Our BEAUTY Sponge leaves you with an airbrush finish. 
Our CHULA Sponge gives you that natural finish. It's 2x softer than the O.G Beauty Blender. Use the pointed end to apply your concealer perfectly. 
Our BOMBÓN Sponge is best to apply any BB & CC creams. Use the pointed end to apply in smaller corners of the face. 


  • Latex-Free
  • Squishy & Bouncy
  • Get's softer with use
  • Grows 2x in size 
  • Absorbs 70% LESS products
  • Ultra-soft feel
  • Delivers fast, easy and seamless results every time
  • No matter the formula-liquid, cream or powder- ALL our Janisa's Sponges 100% allows you to customize your coverage

How To Take Care

Before using, wet your sponge and squeeze all the remaining water out. You will start to notice your sponge expanding. Once it expands, MAKE SURE IT IS DAMPED. NOT WET, DAMPED!!
Wash before every use and leave it damped in an open container to maintain it well. 
You can use any gentle soap to clean your sponges. 


How to use


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