About Us

Hi Beauties!!
Let me start by introducing myself & Janisa's Beauty. We are a small indie brand who launched in February of 2020 & has been growing tremendously since then. My name is Janisa & I have a great love & passion for beauty. We are Latina Owned & accept EVERY SINGLE BEAUTY! I've always dreamed about creating Janisa's Beauty where I believe in celebrating & embracing individuality, diversity, self-expression & self-love by offering a variety of quality, wallet-friendly products & services. My goal for my company is to inspire & be that stepping stone for beauties all around the world who thought they couldn't do it but did it anyway. I am a two time certified makeup artist, a certified hair stylist, a licensed cosmetologist & much more in the making. As you can tell, BEAUTY IS MY LIFE! Creating Janisa's Beauty is my way of sharing my love for beauty.
Quality assurance & customer satisfaction is my number one goal for my company. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Janisa's Beauty & I am so happy you get to be apart of it. Be extraordinary!!!
CEO Janisa